The Ottawa Kick Butt Sistas


Clockwise from Paula in the straw hat: Paula, Heidi, Tracy, Rita, Laura, Kim, Beatriz, Elaine

In the case of one Canadian Life Makeover Group™, the name says it all. They are “The Ottawa Kick Butt Sistas.” Together since 2001, the nine energetic, close-knit members meet regularly in person and online. Some of the members, Kim, Tracy and Paula, took a break from butt kicking to fill us in.

Q: You use an introduction letter and special welcome meetings to bring people to the group. Tell us about it.

A: Kim – The challenge was how to integrate new members into the group, while maintaining a sense of safety for the older members. The group worked together to create an introduction letter and decided to hold bi-monthly welcome meetings for new contacts. The welcome meetings are much the same as any meeting – people get to know up front what some of the expectations are.

Q: Give us some kick butt details of your successes.

A: Paula – I discovered that I wanted to act. It was a dream I had buried when I was 23 years old. I didn’t think I was good enough, pretty enough, or thin enough. I decided that if I didn’t go for my dream now, I would always regret it. So, I had the group’s support to get started and I hung on to their belief in me every time I doubted myself.

A: Tracy – There was a take action challenge from “Life Makeovers” to bring your secret desire out in the open. That was the very first time I had let my desire to write romance novels be known. Without the group and their comment and cheerleading at that meeting, I honestly don’t know when I would have started taking this dream seriously! I’m now working on my first manuscript. I am enjoying every minute that I can devote to it.

A: Laura – For me, the support resulted in me being able to take the step to book a trip to another country to learn about holistic healing. At first it seemed impossible and out of reach. I did not have anyone to go with and I had never traveled on my own. The support of my Life Makeover friends allowed me to overcome the fears I had. The excitement shared by the group about this adventure has made the planning and anticipation even more fun!

Q: You’ve accomplished so much, but haven’t done it alone. How has the group support made a difference?

A: Paula – I hadn’t done a play in fifteen years. I will never forget taking my curtain call and seeing my group “sistas” in the front row applauding. Tears still come to my eyes when I think of it.

A: Tracy – The support and accountability from the group are ongoing – they frequently ask me about how the writing is progressing. We have a running joke that when the movie rights to my romance novel are purchased, Paula gets the role of Chloe – the heroine in my novel!

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