Meet some men who are making over their lives!


An increasing number of men feel disconnected from themselves, other men, and their lives in general. Fred Nehring, Sheldon Wood and the rest of their Life Makeover Group™ are rewriting the rules of being a man, and opening up to incredible changes that can only come from being part of a supportive community..

Q: How did your group start?

A: Fred: I’m a single guy with a few friends and associates, but no one I felt I could really open up to, particularly for the little day-to-day stuff. After attending one of Cheryl’s events and assessing the lack of support in my life, I asked her if there were any Men’s LM groups that I could join. She said, “Why don’t you start one of your own and I’ll support you!” With a little help from her newsletter I got over 100 email responses from men all over the world wanting the same thing I did.

Q: You’re in a “virtual” group meaning you meet over the phone and through e-mail… how do you support each other when you’re not physically together?

A: Sheldon: I think most people have experienced meaningful and emotional long-distance phone calls with family members or friends — our group experience is not so different. It’s true that most of us have never met in person, but we’ve still gotten to know each other to a degree that we talk, share and laugh, and our “meetings” are VERY positive.

Q: What was it like putting yourself out there to start the group?

A: Fred: In some ways it felt risky, and it was a stretch the first couple of times I really shared with the group. Yet in some ways the risks are a little less when using the phone and email for communication 🙂

Q: How has your life changed by being in the group for the last year?

A: Fred: I have learned to truly be honest with myself and with others in the group. Not being happy with my life, I decided to change careers, end a romantic relationship with a woman, and give my vulnerability a true voice. Not an easy task for a man who is expected by society to have it all under control.

Sheldon: The group has been helpful in many ways. It has been great to have a little bi-monthly accountability — I know that every other Monday I’ll be able to report my progress, re-state my goals, get lots of positive reinforcement, etc.

Q: What would you say to encourage other men to become a part of this community and a Life Makeover Group™?

A: Sheldon: We all need a safe place to be vulnerable and honest while sharing with a group of people who have so much in common. Most importantly, I would tell them about how liberating and empowering it has been for me to create this unique bond with other men.

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