Meet Sallie Speidel and her Washington Life Makeover Group™


Left to right: Sallie Speidel, Sharry Olmstead, Bridget Nolan, Shirley Brannon, Betsy West, Connie Dodds

After 12 years at a job that left her losing energy and gaining weight, Sallie Speidel found a Life Makeover Group™ in her hometown of Vancouver, Washington. She also found the courage to quit her job to start her own jewelry-making business. Now, she sparkles as brightly as the glass jewelry she creates. Speidel enthusiastically acknowledges the power the group has had in her own life, and how it’s helped her inspire others.

Q: For many people, finding their passion is the first hurdle to success. How did you come into yours?

A: I got interested as a fluke. We were on vacation and I always like to go into little boutiques to look at unique and funky jewelry. I bought a necklace which had a piece of beautiful glass in it and when I wore it, people asked me what it was. The sales tag had said dichronic glass, so I looked it up on the Internet and that ultimately led me to a glass company 20 minutes from where I live that I’d never known about. I went to their studio and then took some classes. I told my daughter that I had to get a kiln, blowtorch and oxygen to start making my own jewelry!

Q: Finding your passion isn’t always about earnestly hunting it down, but sometimes just being aware enough to let it find you.

A: You have to keep your mind open. You have to be aware of what is going on around you. Things in life are coming at you and you don’t always let them in. Just like that necklace – I saw it, liked it, and had a certain curiosity about it. If I’d never bought that necklace, I never would have gotten started. That little sales tag led me to where I am today!

Q: You didn’t immediately discover your love of jewelry making and quit your job the next day to open shop. You did a lot of reading, took classes, and prepared financially.

A: You have to think it through step by step for your own wellbeing. This will help you to fully understand what you’re doing and give you confidence. It helps to know that everything is in order when you leave your job behind! It might take six months or a year (like it did for me) but even while you’re working at a terrible job, having that goal before you will keep you going!

Q: How did your Life Makeover Group™ support you in making changes and taking chances?

A: My Life Makeover Group™ supported my decision to quit my “day job” when I started taking classes to pursue jewelry making. They could see how stressed I was, told me I was talented and that “life is too short” to not do what I wanted. I had already raised my family and the group helped me see that with a few financial adjustments I could realize my dream. They also bought some of my jewelry! Their positive attitudes made me believe that I could do it — and I did! (My husband has been very encouraging as well.) I love what I’m doing and I’ve even been able to make enough money to contribute to our household. I feel very blessed to have a group of wonderful friends who continuously support one another — we have all made great strides!

Q: As it turns out, the jewelry business seems to be just the tip of your energy and passion.

A: I am discovering more of my own creative spirit and finding more things I want to do. I’ve been painting rooms around the house and it’s mushrooming, it just keeps going!

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