INSPIRE GROUP — Massachusetts


Front Row (L to R): Marybeth, Jo-Ann, Pam – Back Row (L to R): Laura, Lynn, Kim, Anne

INSPIRE GROUP — Massachusetts Kim and her Massachusetts-based Life Makeover Group call themselves INSPIRE — the perfect name for this group of women who, for the past two years, have been dedicated to helping each other get what they want out of life. We’ve followed them over the course of a year, and found out what makes them so successful.



When they started their Life Makeover Group, they created a brochure that demonstrates their intention to finding committed members.

LAURA: The brochure gave definition and structure to what we were doing, as opposed to someone saying, “A group of woman you don’t know are getting together to start this group.” It was a great marketing piece to interest people and to show them that their level of commitment needed to match ours. If you don’t have structure and an intention, someone gets disappointed.

They established an INSPIRE Points Incentive Program to keep members motivated. Here’s how it works:

KIM: I put the program together to give us incentive to step out of our comfort zones. I know that when I have a “to-do” list, I feel compelled to complete the items on it. This motivational program lists 30 challenges that when taken, give each member a set amount of achievable points. Each group member is provided with a sheet to keep track of her scores prior to our meetings. At the end of four months, the person with the highest number of points received an award.

In addition to meeting as a support group, INSPIRE also engages in social activities like bowling and paining pottery…

ANNE: When you do different things, talents that you wouldn’t normally see are brought out. For example, when we did the pottery we got to see each other’s creativity and imagination fulfilled in new ways. You can find out so much more about someone when you go beyond talking about books to include other activities.

MARYBETH: I enjoyed everyone offering creative support since when we usually meet, it’s for emotional support.

Even when things get slow, they have a strategy:

ANNE: Every once in a while, when things slow down, we form a questionnaire and ask questions like: Would you like to change the night or try a different book? It becomes immediately clear don’t want to give up, they just need a little change.

Being part of a Life Makeover Group has made a major difference in the lives of its members:

KIM: I have been going through some personal issues, in terms of self- confidence. Starting the group alone was a big deal for me, and the support has helped a lot.

MARYBETH: I used to plow through life – I’d get busy and never spend any time reflecting on my goals and what was important to me personally. I had closets full of self-help books but after skimming them, I never did anything with the information. Actually “doing” a book in our Life Makeover Group has been great!

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