Greensboro Life Makeover Group

Left to right-Catherine, Paula, Angela, Cheryl, Anne, Katrina, Marguerite (not pictured-Debbie)

The members of the Greensboro Life Makeover Group reflect on what their group has meant to them over the past ten years:

Our Life Makeover group has been my friend, my support, my heart and soul for almost ten years.  It is a comfortable, comforting place where I know I can speak my truth, and will be heard.  People, places, and things have come and gone – and all the while, our LMO group has been there to witness the growth, celebrate the successes, mourn the losses.  I feel I am incredibly blessed, and never take this group for granted.  In fact, it has been one of the greatest gifts of my life.  Thank you Cheryl, for initiating something so much larger than you.

Our Life Makeover Group is where I bring into being and share my better self.  It has been and continues to be a main source of inspiration and also stability that remains constant regardless of the changes in my life situation.  I cherish being part of a diverse group of women who love learning and life.  I look forward to the future knowing that we continue to journey together.  The discoveries we have made individually within the context of the group, as well as together as a group, are priceless.

Gifts of our ten years together

Our longevity and regular contact is a gift in and of its self; made larger by our willingness to allow change to occur, specifically the meeting schedule. Our current quarterly gatherings coincide with the changes of the seasons and allow us to celebrate one another, and ourselves, in our individual process of growth.

  • I believe the original intention of our members, as demonstrated by their willingness to register for a LMO group via a website ten years ago, speaks volumes.  My gratitude for being invited in through the back door by a neighbor friend, who also opened herself and home, is multilayered.
  • LMO has allowed me the opportunity to connect with open-minded women whom I may have otherwise never met.
  • The opportunity to share my process in a setting where I am heard has allowed me to become more authentic in other areas of my life.
  • I consider the group a part of my support system; members remain in the loop of my life which in turn makes my world larger.

The amazing women in this group create a collective energy that springs from wisdom, encouragement, laughter, spirit, and love of life. Katrina, Marguerite, Debbie, Anne, Catherine, and Angela cheer me on, remind me that all is well, remind me to always trust the process. Even when they were not physically beside me, these wise women stood by me in spirit during job interviews, childbirth, unemployment, the early days of motherhood, a tough conversation with my manager–sending their energy, nudging me to ask for what I wanted and needed, listening to me process and learn from my experiences.

I joined the group with a career change in mind, but we shared lessons that touch all areas of my life. Besides the pure joy, acceptance, and energy that I feel when in the presence of this Life Makeover Group, I now know better–to move through the fear instead of being paralyzed by it and to appreciate and learn from the life I am creating.

When I think about books that have had a profound impact on my life, “Life Makeovers” is near the top of the list; through its concept of “community” I met and became friends with a LMO group of women that are, and have been, a blessing in my life for ten years.

The line on the back of the book-jacket that reads, “Be prepared for your life to unfold in wonderful ways”, is true. Funny, I’m not sure I read that line 10 years ago when I bought the book; however the “wonderful ways” my life has unfolded over the last 10 years have been magnificently magnified through the support and friendship of our LMO group members. The “wonderful way” we met, the “wonderful ways” we have grown, and the “wonderful ways” we have stayed connected are a tribute and a testimony to Cheryl Richardson and her “inspiring ways to improve lives”. Thank you, Cheryl; and thank you dear LMO friends.

I joined our group as a graduate student, and 10 years later I am teaching at a university sharing many of the life lessons I gleaned from our LMO group throughout the years. Thanks to the wisdom, acceptance, encouragement, inspiration, example, kindness, and generosity of the women in our group, my life has been greatly enhanced … in the welcoming atmosphere, in love of learning, in thoughts discussed, in inspiring actions, in dreams shared, in life-skills taught, in goals accomplished, in boundaries honored, in travels taken, in laughter enjoyed, in tears dried, in friendships fostered, in questions asked, in journals kept, in struggles witnessed, in prayers said, in lives birthed, in lives lost, in ideas proposed, in careers ending, in jobs attained, in businesses run, in milestones achieved, in judgments refrained, in challenges proffered, in sincerity shown, in second acts begun, in self-care promoted, in gifts given, in cards written, in food prepared, in glasses raised, in moves made, in intentions presented, in encouragement bestowed, in candles lit, in cards dealt, in examples provided, in families celebrated, in books recommended, in emails received, in health and well-being enhanced, in zest for living, in counsel available, in surprises sent, in beauty reflected, in love lavished, in support given, in flexibility demonstrated, in respect afforded, in truth lived, in vulnerability sensed, in courage displayed, in gratitude expressed, in changes embraced, in “the process” trusted, in belief in “us”, in desire for community, in commitment to our group …

I don’t know where to start. This “Cheryl Richardson Life Makeovers” thing has really transformed me in ways I would have never imagined.  I know that it was put into my path because I felt I needed my life to be made over.  I felt as if I were just going through the motions of life and I knew it could be better.  I had read all kinds of self-help books and I always wondered, when am I gonna get some help?!

I was a member of a Cheryl Richardson Life Makeover group with another group of ladies for about 1 year where I was excited but yet was somehow not seeming to get what I felt I was needing, not sure why, so my search began again for maybe another group that might be available in my area and low and behold there it was.  So I took another leap!  The initial start up meeting was about to begin….YES!  Perfect timing!

This group has fed my soul. It has enriched my life in such a way.  10 years ago I was asked, “what do you like” and at that time I really did not know what I liked.  I knew what everyone else liked and I just felt invisible.  So this group started meeting every other week with reading a chapter a week and performing the “Take Action Challenges” and reporting back to the group our results.

This is a place where we can be authentic without judgement, where you are respected and always encouraged and uplifted.  I think this is the same for each of us and that is how we have remained together for 10 years consistently and with commitment. We keep each other reminded that the Universe is always here for our greater self.  I have watched each of us grow and transform to greater beings unimaginable by following the steps of the guides set aside for forming a Cheryl Richardson makeover group.  As I watched Marguerite go from Corporate America to Academia, from selling her home, from getting in touch with her true self, to tapping,  and Anne go from Academia to Corporate America, to assisting the medical community on how to heal uncommon health concerns, and grow a beautiful loving family, move to another state yet remain committed to this group and self care and Paula going from writing, corporate America, academia, unemployment, and Debbie commuting 4 hours to get to the meetings, her family located all over America and abroad but keeping them all together, unemployment, entrepreneurships, going to school, teaching school, and Katrina learning how to enjoy “the dance” and let go of things she once held very tightly to and know that it’s ok while raising a daughter and maintaining her decluttering business, and Catherine using her gifts to “stage” and go back to school and complete her Masters,  and watch all of our self confidence, worthiness and trusting the Universe become raised, just to name a few accomplishments of each of us, all with just “trusting the process”. BIG…HUGE!!!  I am in awe and so grateful for the revelations, the strength, the confidence, the accountability, the dream bigness this group continues to provide me.  Thank you Cheryl Richardson, LMO Group and the Universe for your support and making us aware that our lives are wonderful!!!!

In the words of Khrushchev “Life is short; live it up”!!!! Referenced Chapter 26 of Life Makeovers by Cheryl Richardson

Hi Guys – It’s hard to be the last to check in when everyone preceding me has written such eloquent and heartfelt remembrances.  I echo most if not all of what everyone said.  So, in addition to those, I will include thoughts from yesterday.

I pulled up in front of Katrina’s house and she pulled up soon after.  I was in my newly purchased car (I signed on the dotted line the day before).  I was sitting in the driver’s seat and wanted to open the passenger door for her.  However, I couldn’t figure out what button to push; we both laughed and I got out to open the trunk so she could see what a great space it is.  I walked to the back and couldn’t find the keys I just had.  We both laughed again and I said, “Sorry, I’m really feeling spacy today.”  It’s nice to say something like that to any member of the group and know it’s a label for the moment and not for life.

It’s also so satisfying to be able to complain.  I remember the good old days (Tuesday) before those heavy, electronics-laden keys, when my small car key fit inside my suit jacket and/or it didn’t feel like a small bowling ball in my purse.

So what I’m being reminded of today is … even when we get what we want (my new, wonderful car) … it’s accompanied by things being different and the need to make adjustments and how great it is to have a group of people who get it.  Honestly, all I want right now is to figure out how to program my favorite stations into this too many buttons machine.  Change isn’t easy sometimes.

Thanks for listening …

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