Getting Started

By joining our community you’ll have a chance to connect with people in your hometown who are anxious to share their life-changing journeys.

As you sign up to be a Life Makeover Group™ facilitator you become a key link in creating our community of support. Most individuals are very excited (and a little bit nervous) when they request information from a group. It’s a big step and they wait for your reply, sometimes checking their e-mail several times a day. Your prompt response is what makes our community run smoothly.

  • Remember that this list is only one way to find members. You’ll want to use the other ideas found in Finding New Members as well. The most successful group uses a combination of ways to find members.
  • You are welcome to choose a theme, but know the largest number of responses is for Open Discussion Groups.
  • Don’t wait for several other members before getting started. Keep in mind that once you have one other person, you’re set to go! Schedule time to meet so you can review the guidelines for running a successful group, choose a book to work with, and plan your next meeting.